This month brings news of another group of ridiculous lawsuits, and coming on the heals of Florida’s ranking among the ten worst states for lawsuits, provides more fresh evidence of the need for asset protection planning.  Take a look at these “winners” and go to the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform site to vote on the one you think is the most ridiculous.

1.    California restauranteur sued over parking lot he doesn’t lease or own.

    This lawsuit was filed by Scott Johnson, who has filed 140 of the total of 200 lawsuits filed against local businesses in the Eastern District of California, for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Acts. One of the main claims in the lawsuit filed by Johnson is that the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant does not have sufficient handicapped parking spaces.  Eric Nordby, the owner of the restaurant who is being sued, doesn’t own the parking lot.

2.    Beer maker sued by bar patron injured in bar fight claiming “long neck” beer bottles dangerously designed to be a weapon.

    A bar patron, injured in a bar fight, claimed that Annheuser Busch was at fault because the design of long neck beer bottles were easily used as a weapon.  Fortunately, both the trial court and the appellate court saw fit to dismiss this action as being frivilous.  Nonetheless, Annheuser Busch was compelled to defend both the original lawsuit and the appeal to the higher court.

3.    Dallas football fan sues the Dallas Cowboys, and team owner Jerry Jones, individually, for burns to her backside from sitting on a black bench outside Cowboys Stadium, in August when the temperature was in the 100s.

    Jennelle Carrillo, a Cowboys fan, attended the Silver and Blue game in Dallas in August.  The temperature in the hundreds.  The sun shining bright.  Jennelle sat on a black marble bench outside the stadium entrance.  Her bottom was burned.  In her lawsuit, Jennelle says:  “The combination of the nature of the black, marble bench and hot sunlight caused the bench to become extremely hot and unreasonably dangerous.”  She claims there were no signs posted by the Cowboys that a black, marble bench sitting directly in the son, in August, when the temperature is over 100, could be hot.  As a result of her sitting on the “extremely hot” bench, she suffered third degree burns and required skin grafts.  She is seeking monetary damages for her  “mental anguish, physical pain and disfigurement as a result of her wounds.”

4.    Woman sues City for $1.7 BILLION claiming wireless parking meters are causing her health problems.

    Denise Barton claims the new parking meters installed  by the City of Santa Monica, California, are causing her health problems from the radiation generated by the Wi-Fi like parking meters.  Barton claims in her lawsuit that the cellular waves “is causing ringing in her ears, ear infections and tightness on the back, left side of her neck.”  She is seeking $1.7 Billion now, and $1.7 Million per month for her lifetime.  The City claims the radiation level from the parking meters is less than that generated by someone walking by talking on a cell phone. Ms. Barton won’t reveal whether she uses a cell phone.

So there you have it folks, this month’s ridiculous lawsuits.

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