The finalists for the Ridiculous Lawsuits of the Month for August have been announced, and here they are:

1.    Michigan woman sues Facebook “boyfriend” in Washington after their “relationship” ends.  She wants more than $8,000 from the man she blames for breaking her heart.  She’s an unemployed 50 year old paralegal.  She claims in her lawsuit that the boyfriend “led her on” after “meeting” him while playing “Mafia Wars” on Facebook. She said they were “smitten” with each other and she sent him gifts and booked a trip to visit him.  He is a 35 year old server at Applebee’s.  After she planned her trip to Washington to visit, but the week before the trip, he told her he met another woman in a bar.  She feels “foolish [and] dissillusioned.”  She then started a Facebook group calling him a predator.

2.      Prison sued for banning pornography.  A Macomb County (Michigan) inmate is suing the governor and the State asserting he is being subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” because the jail bans pornographic materials.  In a 5 page handwritten lawsuit filed June 10, in Federal District Court, the inmate is asking the court to allow inmates to possess erotic/pornographic materials along with personal televisions, video game consoles and radios (why not an iPad?).  He claims the lack of these essentials constitutes “psychological warfare” against the prisoners.  He also want the state to provide the porn and electornics if the inmate is broke!

3.    The husband of a woman who was “drunk and high” when she crashed her minivan into an SUV, killing herself and seven others, has sued New York state, claiming poor highway upkeep and signage are solely to blame for the accident.  He seeks unspecified monetary damages.

4.    “Ferocious” puppy leads woman to sue.  A woman filed suit against a Penny Pinchers discount grocery store in Missippii because she was terrified by a dog barking, and the claws hitting the store’s hard floors as the “ferocious beast came charging down the aisle.”  Being expremely afraid of dogs, the woman rand down the aisle and leapt on top of a freezer.  She aggravated a previously existing hip injury.  She won a $130,000 judgment from the jury who found the store 70% at fault.  The Missippii appellate court reversed, finding that the 4 month old, 4 pound Dachshund pupply who had never attacked anyone before, did not create an unreasonably dangerous condition at Penny Pinchers.  The appellate court noted that the plaintiff’s own actions must be considered in determining liability, and that, just maybe, she overreacted.

5.    Yankees fan seeks class action to punish StubHub for making profit on the service it offers.  A Yankees fan filed suit against the New York Yankees, StubHub and eBay in a proposed class against over StubHub and eBay charging fees for resales of baseball game tickets offered through their electronic online systems.  The fan claimed that charging a fee for the reselling services offered through StubHub and eBay were violations of New York’s scapling law.  The court dismissed the lawsuit, and the Plaintiff is planning to appeal.

So which one gets your vote?  You can go to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform to vote.  My vote went to the “ferocious” puppy!

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