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These probate FAQs are answered by a probate attorney in Jacksonville, Florida.  The questions, and other information, relate to the probate process in the Florida probate courts, and pursuant to the Florida probate code.

You will find information here that will help you understand the probate process in Florida, whether you are the personal representative, or executor, of a probate estate, a beneficiary of the estate, or a creditor of the deceased person.  The probate attorney in Jacksonville, Florida will provide information in these responses to FAQs about probate that provides guidance when there is no will, i.e., the law of intestacy for an intestate estate, how to establish the validity of a last will and testament when there is a will, and what happens if there is a dispute about a will that leads to a will contest.

The probate attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, who answers the FAQs has more than 30 years experience as a Florida probate lawyer, and has assisted personal representatives (also called executors), beneficiaries of wills, will contestants in will contests, creditors who pursue estate litigation to recovery money owed by the probate estate, and just about every other circumstance that can arise in a probate proceeding in Florida.

Whether you need to probate a will in Florida, or deal with an intestate estate where there is no will, whether the probate estate is subject to estate taxes, or whether the probate is just to probate real estate, whether it is a home or a commercial building, our probate attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, can help you with your probate needs throughout the state of Florida, and in all Florida counties.

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