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Please use the images below to learn more about Disability Planning, Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Elder Law, Probate, and Asset Protection, which includes information about Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home costs, and other Video Responses to FAQs from our estate planning, elder law, probate attorney.  The information includes answers to FAQs involving asset protection, wills and trusts, including will contests and trust challenges, Medicaid planning, estate tax planning, and small business law.  There are over 240 questions answered by our estate planning, elder law, probate attorney in this series of FAQs.

Throughout our website we have other information about such topics as: who should be the beneficiary of your IRA, what is a revocable living trust, am I required to pay estate taxes, how do I challenge a will, how to choose appropriate successor trustees for my trust, how can I qualify for Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home costs without spending down all of my money, how does a limited liability company protect my assets, what is a durable power of attorney, what happens if there is no will, how much income can I have and still qualify for Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home costs, what is probate, how do I avoid a guardianship, when do I need to do asset protection planning, why is tenants by the entireties preferable to tenants in common as a form of ownership, who must file for probate, what are advance directives, how do I begin the estate planning process, and over 200 other questions that you’ll find answers to in our website.

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