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Jacksonville Trust Attorney Explains Trusts in Florida, Including Trust Types, Trust Administration, Trust Litigation, FAQ & More

Our Jacksonville trust attorney explains trusts in Florida. There are a lot of options when considering the establishment of a trust in Florida. Whether you are researching a specific type of trust, or are not sure which type of trust will be best for you, our Jacksonville trust attorney is available for consultation to discuss your questions and help you determine the most effective trust to accomplish your specific objectives.

In this section of our website, we explore the different types of trusts, how to use different trusts for different purposes, whether the desire is pure estate planning, estate tax planning, asset protection planning, dealing with a spouse who is not a US citizen, seeking protection for those who have special needs, or if your trying to qualify for Medicaid benefits or Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits.

Our Jacksonville trust attorney explains trusts in Florida by providing examples of different trusts, the purposes of each trust, the tax implications for different trusts, whether or not a particular trust will provide asset protection, trust administration, and what happens when something goes wrong and it is necessary to explore or participate in trust litigation.  If you need information about a trust in Florida that you can find in this section “All About Trusts”, our Jacksonville Trust Attorney explains trusts in Florida is available to meet with you to answer your specific questions and explore your individual needs.  Please call us at (904) 448-1969, or toll free at 1-866-501-9099 or email us at

Here are listed some of the different Florida trusts that we can help you learn more about:


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