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3 common misconceptions about asset protection planning

On Behalf of | May 15, 2024 | Estate Planning |

In asset protection planning, individuals get to organize their financial affairs in a way that would protect their assets from potential future liabilities and creditors. However, several misconceptions surround the process, resulting to many people having unrealistic expectations and for others, doubt the efficacy of the practice.

Some common misconceptions about asset protection planning include the following:

It is only for the rich.

One misconception about asset protection planning is that it is only for the wealthy or those who own multiple, high value properties. However, individuals at various wealth levels can benefit from asset protection strategies to safeguard their homes, retirement savings and other assets against unforeseen legal threats. So, as long as you have properties to protect, asset protection planning can serve invaluable.

Having one makes your assets untouchable.

Some people mistakenly believe that once they have implemented asset protection strategies, their assets are completely out of reach from any creditors or legal judgments. However, no asset protection strategy can guarantee absolute protection. Certain legal proceedings can still potentially penetrate asset protection structures.

You can DIY asset protection.

You may think that you know your assets well enough to plan your entire asset protection yourself. However, there are various tools and strategies to consider when asset planning, some of which may not be familiar to you. Attempting to build your asset protection without prior knowledge or proper guidance can result in severe implications for you and your properties.

When putting together an asset protection plan, it is highly advisable to work with an attorney knowledgeable in the process to ensure that your plan is suitable to your needs and situation, increasing the efficacy of your plan.

Knowing the common misconceptions about asset protection planning can help you maintain realistic expectations and make informed decisions according to your unique situation.