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What qualities and skills should you look for in an executor?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Probate and Estate Administration |

When thinking about the future and what to write in your will, you may want to seriously consider who you choose as your executor.

This person will need a personality and set of skills that can deal with the difficulties of managing debts and assets, along with other issues, during probate.

Current attitude

According to Kiplinger, a person who feels motivated to do this job and is willing to listen to your wishes is important. When you are stuck between two or three options, you should consider the personality of the choices. Instead of thinking too far ahead in the future, such as who will outlive you, choose someone you trust that can fulfill the necessary duties if you needed them to today.

Conflict resolution skills

When dealing with other family members, an executor should know how to handle disagreements and prevent fights from starting. Arguments over inheritances and heirlooms can become more emotionally charged than other kinds of discussions.

When choosing an executor, think carefully about how well they know your family and friends, as well as how they would handle upset beneficiaries.

Responsibility for personal items

One large part of an executor’s job is paying any remaining debts for you with the money from your estate. How well this person meets deadlines is important, since they are responsible for working with the courts and other professionals.

An executor also needs to distribute any assets you leave for your beneficiaries. Having a person you trust in this position can help you when thinking about the probate process.