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How can you discuss estate planning with your elderly parents?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Estate Planning |

When you visit with your parents, you may not expect to talk about planning for what happens to their assets after death.

However, thinking seriously about how to best approach this conversation can help you all to find peace of mind.

Set down some rules

According to Kiplinger, your elderly parents may have thought about what goes into a will before but not taken any steps to write one out. You may want to give them some pieces of information to make sure they understand the available choices.

Establishing a way to talk to one another respectfully during this stressful time can also help. You may want a method to signal that everyone needs to listen to the person speaking when the discussion gets overwhelming. Since talking about money and heirlooms can lead to tension, being calm and focusing on the facts of the situation is important.

Stay open and honest

The first conversation you have may not end or start as you imagine it will. Some of the questions that your parents need to answer could make them emotional or leave them feeling confused about what to do next.

Since the subject of death can make people nervous, they may avoid talking about it at all. Scheduling a time to sit down together and eventually get their wishes in writing could help them get over that initial anxiety.

Push just the right amount

Trying to force the subject too quickly may make them feel pressured, but not following up on it after the first conversation can lead to the process coming to a standstill. Casual persistence after opening up the subject can help you when discussing estate planning with your parents.