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What are VA priority groups?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Elder Law and Medicaid Planning |

While looking into Medicaid planning, you consider applying for VA benefits, too. If you need help sooner rather than later, you may wonder if you qualify for a VA priority group.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs explains how it prioritizes veterans to get them benefits ASAP. Determine whether you qualify for expedited help.

Priority group factors

The VA determines priority on factors such as disability rating, military service history and income level. Additional benefits you receive and your Medicaid qualifications also determine your priority group. Applicants with disabilities linked to their service receive the highest priority. Low-priority applicants include high-earners and those without service-connected disabilities that qualify for monthly benefits.

You may qualify for multiple priority groups. If so, the VA assigns you to the highest one.

Priority group examples

Applicants who received the Medal of Honor or have a service-related disability rated as at least 50% disabling belong to priority group one. Those with service-connected disabilities rated as 30% or 40% disabling belong to priority group two.

Priority group six includes applicants with service-connected disabilities rated as 0% disabling. The same applies to those exposed to ionizing radiation during the occupation of Nagasaki or Hiroshima or during atmospheric testing. If you pay copays or your gross household income drops below your area’s geographically adjusted income limits, you qualify for priority group seven.

Priority group change

If your income changes or your disability rating increases, your priority group number may change.

You deserve benefits and peace of mind for your service. By understanding more about VA benefits, you know how to take care of yourself in your golden years.