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What recent laws went into effect in Florida to protect older citizens?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Elder Law and Medicaid Planning |

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has been busy signing many laws into effect to help protect and benefit the senior population in the state.

The legislature has also worked hard to put forth bills that cater to a variety of issues impacting this segment of the population. AARP explains there have been five new laws that should have a positive effect on the elderly.

SB 1120

SB 1120 or Telephone Solicitation makes stricter rules for telemarketing. It requires written consent for anyone to call you. It also prevents autodialer use without consent. The bill also limits calls to three times in a 24-hour period.

HB 1041

HB 1041 or Protection of Elderly Persons and Disabled Adults provides you with protection against people who are trying to scam you or commit crimes against you. It allows the Attorney General the ability to criminalize exploitation and protecting you against any type of abuse or neglect.

HB 9

HB 9 or Protecting Consumers Against Pandemic-related Fraud gives special protection related to pandemic situations where you might be susceptible to fraudulent actions. It will help prosecutors to go after people who try to scam you or otherwise prevent you from getting access to personal protective equipment or vaccinations.

HB 625

HB 625 or Attorney Compensation is a bill that will help make it clearer to you the costs of using an attorney as a personal representative for your estate. You will now receive disclosures that explain the fees.

HB 441

HB 441 or the Elder-focused Dispute Resolution Process helps to ensure you have access to support when going to court. It provides you a court-appointed coordinator that can help you and your family in situations involving your safety and independence.

Each bill works in different ways to protect you and to help ensure you and all other seniors have the ability to make decisions without worrying about fraud.