Creating And Protecting Your Legacy

As people age, they may need help performing everyday tasks. In this situation, it is important for people to have a long-term care plan. 

A long-term care plan consists of different services that people may need as they get older. The Administration on Aging says that while some of these services may be medical, many care plans also help people with day-to-day tasks. 

What does long-term care consist of?  

People might receive long-term care to help them manage their daily activities. These include taking care of pets and doing housework. Some people may also need help with their grocery shopping or cooking their meals. Long-term care can also ensure that elderly people have help getting dressed and moving about the house. Some people may need extra help in the bathroom, and a long-term care plan can address these needs as well. 

Who provides long-term care?  

Many people may think that senior citizens have to be in a nursing home to receive long-term care. According to the National Institute on Aging, many agencies can provide long-term care to seniors who still live in their own homes. Home health agencies can usually send a homemaker to help seniors with household tasks. Home health aides can typically provide assistance with personal care. 

When should people start planning for long-term care? 

People should usually make their long-term care plans early. This is because this care can sometimes be costly. It is important for people to make sure they have the financial resources to provide this care for themselves or their loved ones. Additionally, some people may experience sudden injuries or illnesses and require long-term care sooner than they expected. It is a good idea to have a long-term care plan in place so it is ready when people need it.